Academic Renewal

The intent of this policy is to make graduation from Ottawa University possible for students whose previous academic performance would preclude this opportunity. If the coursework was completed seven (7) or more years prior to entry/re-entry to Ottawa University and the student has a cumulative GPA below a 1.80 at the time of entry/re-entry, he/she may petition for academic renewal. This petition must be made and approved prior to entry/re-entry. For transfer students, only grades of A, B, and C will appear on the official transcript. Transfer credit accepted under this provision will be hours of credit only, with no calculation into the GPA. For students re-entering Ottawa University, all grades will remain on the transcript but grades of D and F will count in attempted and earned hours, as applicable, with no calculation for these grades into the GPA. This policy applies only to coursework from regionally accredited institutions and to degree-seeking students. Students should note that application of this policy may result in less earned hours towards graduation but will generally improve the overall GPA. However, all previous credits and grade points will be used in determining eligibility for honors.