Graduate Standards of Progress

The term “standards of progress” defines a minimum standard of progress that the University expects graduate students to achieve as they work toward their educational goals. To be eligible for continued enrollment in good standing, a student must maintain the standards noted below:

  • Grade Point Average (GPA)
    • Maintain a cumulative “B” (3.0) average in their graduate program. A satisfactory level of academic achievement is determined on the basis of the student’s cumulative grade point average calculated on the basis of all graduate work attempted. A student is in academic good standing only if his or her cumulative grade point average is 3.0 or higher.
    • Students granted provisional admission due to GPA issues must successfully complete 12 semester credit hours of OU coursework with no course grade below a “B” in order to be granted full admission. Students granted provisional admission based on any of the other criteria (see acceptance letter) must meet all other requirements outlined in their provisional acceptance by the completion of 12 semester credit hours in order to be granted full admission.
  • Deficient Grades
    • A student may receive no more than two grades of “C.” A graduate course in which a grade of “C” was received may be repeated, but a student must repeat any graduate course taken for which a grade of “D” or “F” was received. If a student withdraws from a “repeated” course, it may be taken again. In situations where the course needed to be repeated is no longer available or offered, a similar course may be substituted with the approval of the program director, however, the student’s ability to retake a course may be limited by curriculum changes or academic policy changes. Regardless of the GPA, a student will not be allowed to graduate with a final grade of “D” or “F” in any course required for the degree or certificate.
  • Sufficient Progress
    • Students must complete no less than six hours of applicable credit within each year after enrolling in the program to be considered an active student.
    • The maximum time frame to complete a 36-semester credit hours program is five years.
    • The maximum time frame to complete programs exceeding 36 semester credit hours is seven years.
    • Inactive students wishing to re-enter the program must consult with the program director for approval and will be subject to any curriculum changes that have occurred since their last enrollment.
    • A student who does not attempt any coursework in an academic year will be required to participate in an abbreviated reapplication process as outlined by the division.

Students who fall below the minimum standards of progress are subject to the following actions: academic probation, dismissal from the degree program, or be required to reapply to the degree program. Please see below for additional details regarding these actions. Students are advised to contact their financial aid advisor for information as to how these situations may potentially impact their financial aid.