Graduate Program Goal Statement

Ottawa University graduate programs are based on the expectation that bachelor’s degree holders are prepared through the liberal arts to be reflective inquirers. The reflective inquirer is prepared to succeed in graduate programs that are based on the model of the reflective practitioner. The reflective practitioner applies values, critical reasoning and inquiry in professional settings, utilizes knowledge and skills appropriately and is self-directed in continued professional learning and development. Ottawa University is committed through the reflective practitioner emphasis to prepare professionals who successfully adapt to changes in career demands and opportunities.

Ottawa University fills a need for graduate level education that is both practical in nature and accessible to a broader audience than a traditional model whose theoretical emphasis may be less suited to the working adult student and requires considerable prerequisite preparation. Ottawa University graduate students are valued both as members of the learning team and the instruction team. Graduate faculty, who are reflective practitioners themselves, have significant academic and professional experience in the course areas they teach and value the varied backgrounds and insights of the adult learner.

Ottawa University graduate programs include a concentrated foundation with emphasis placed on advanced concepts and applications. Programs require students to access research in the field, critically analyze relevant data and utilize a variety of sources for values-based practice, planning, and ethical decision making. Graduate students are challenged through rigorous research-based writing assignments, scholarly discourse and professional presentations and demonstrations, all of which are focused on reflective approaches to practice and application. Students are supported through individualized graduate faculty and advisors and a community of mutual respect and service.