ACC 5003 Advanced Financial Accounting and Reporting (Dual Degree BA Accounting/MAcc Only) (3)

Analyzes and distinguishes between the reporting requirements of large, generally multinational, corporations focusing on foreign currency transactions, segment reporting, and business combinations, including an emphasis on International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Further concentrates on the rational and critical review of economic data presentation and emerging issues in financial accounting and reporting. Prerequisite: ACC 40164 Advanced Accounting.

ACC 5006 Advanced Income Taxation (Dual Degree BA Accounting/MAcc Only) (3)

Analyzes and distinguishes between the studies of federal taxation as it applies to sole proprietorships, partnerships and corporations, including the tax implications and/or consequences of forming, operating, liquidating, and reorganizing such entities. The complex topics of financial tax accounting concepts (e.g., cash and accrual methods of tax accounting, time value of money effects, deferred tax assets/liabilities, permanent/temporary differences, net operating loss carryforwards/carrybacks, etc.), employee compensation, related party transactions, shareholder taxation, and tax planning are also addressed. Prerequisite: ACC 20464 Financing and Investing Activities.

ACC 5400 Advanced Auditing and Forensic Accounting (Dual Degree BA Accounting/MAcc Only) (3)

An in-depth exposure and coverage of auditing and forensic accounting topics. Coverage will include examining and assessing the auditor's attest function and its practical application, emphasizing auditing standards (e.g. concepts of independence and professional judgement), auditing methodology and procedures as well as professional and reporting responsibilities. The mechanics of an external audit are covered, including documentation, evaluation of internal controls, and the design and implementation of corroborative substantive tests. Other topics include statistical methods, governmental, internal, and operational auditing, audit management, information systems auditing, and current issues. Prerequisites: ACC 33164 Intermediate Accounting I; ACC 36264 Federal Income Tax; MAT 20044 Discrete Mathematics; OAD 30763 Business Statistics.