Code of Conduct and Ethics

The Code of Conduct and Ethics interprets the University’s Mission Statement as it applies to the everyday decisions, behaviors and actions of those within the Ottawa University Community.


All members of the Ottawa University Community are responsible for sustaining the highest ethical standards of the University, and of the broader communities in which it functions. The University values honesty, trust, fairness, respect and responsibility and strives to integrate these values into its teaching, research and business practices. It is the intent of the Code of Conduct and Ethics to protect academic freedom, a collegial atmosphere, teaching and scholarship; to advance the mission of the University; and to help preserve the highest standard of business dealings.

The Code applies to administration, faculty, staff and students; vendors, contractors, and subcontractors of the University; and to volunteers elected or selected to serve in University positions. It shall apply to conduct that occurs on University premises, off-campus teaching locations, University sponsored activities, and to off-campus conduct, ostensibly performed under University auspices, that affects the Ottawa University Community and/or the person’s fitness to perform his or her responsibilities. All persons, regardless of their position, or status within the University or the community, shall be responsible for their conduct throughout their relationship with the University.


The University Compliance Officer is responsible for overseeing the process by which complaints are investigated within the University. The University Compliance Officer also serves as the Title IX coordinator and regularly reports to the Chancellor and the Chair of the Board of Trustees the categories of complaints brought forth and makes any recommendations for change. The current position is held by Carrie Stevens, who can be reached at 785-248-2326 or


The policies and procedures included in this catalog and relevant portions of the Faculty or Student Handbooks that are applicable are essential for establishing a Christ-inspired community of grace and open inquiry. Any questions related to policy should be referred to the University Compliance Officer.

Any person having reason to believe or who reasonably suspects that any member of the Ottawa University Community is engaged in a conduct contrary to any established University policy and/or procedures set forth herein, should report such conduct as quickly as possible after becoming aware of such conduct to their manager, a local unit Officer, or the University Compliance Officer. Anonymous reports may also be made through an external complaint hotline by calling 844-719-2846 or by filing a report online at

The Complaint Hotline is an externally managed call center independent of the University, staffed by intake specialist professionals. Individuals calling the hotline are not required to disclose who they are. This information is welcomed, however, only if a person wishes to do so. Calls are not recorded. The Intake Specialist takes notes of the conversation, summarizes the call, and forwards it to the University Compliance Officer for investigation. The goal of the hotline, for non-emergency situations, is to have an initial response back from the University in 5 business days so that the caller may call the hotline back for an update to the original call. The caller is able to do this anonymously using the case number assigned when he/she first called the hotline. At that time the caller may be asked to provide additional information or to call back at a later date for an update.

The University Compliance Officer will oversee the prompt and thorough investigation of all reports and will make every effort to protect the identity of the person reporting the improper conduct. However, the University cannot guarantee confidentiality if identification of the person is necessary to institutional or law enforcement officials for the purposes of investigating the incident. In accordance with the nature of the complaint and the findings of the investigation, the University will take appropriate, corrective action. Emergency situations are expedited and will be addressed as quickly as possible.


Ottawa University prohibits retaliation in any manner against anyone who, acting in good faith, has reported a suspected violation. A person feeling retaliated against may file a written complaint with the University Compliance Officer or contact the confidential Complaint Hotline service at 844-719-2846 or online at A retaliation complaint that the University, after investigation, reasonably determines to be true will result in disciplinary action, including student sanctions, the possible termination of employment, contractual relationship or other relationship of the offending party with the University, as it deems appropriate under the circumstances.