Adult Professional Studies: Undergraduate

Ottawa University maintains a flexible admission policy for adult learners based on adult learning theory and practice. The admission process begins with an interview between the prospective student and the enrollment advisor. Consideration is given to career/work experience, academic experience and other life experiences. In short, Ottawa University believes that recent achievement and the motivation to learn are more reliable indicators of academic success for adult learners than high school records or college courses taken many years ago. Consequently, standardized testing is not required for admission. In other words, the student and enrollment advisor make up the admission committee. In addition to the interview, each applicant must submit the following information for admission:

  • Completed application form.
  • Application fee ($50 undergraduate, $75 graduate).
  • Documentation/self-verification of high school or GED completion if the student has no college transfer credit.
  • Students are required to report attendance at, and request official copies of transcripts, from all colleges/universities previously attended (including dual credit, or any college credit earned prior to graduation from high school) be sent directly to the University Registrar. Hand-delivered or transcripts issued to students are not considered official transcripts.  Therefore, to officially transfer semester credits, transcripts must be sent directly to Ottawa University from previous institutions attended.