Conferral Dates and Commencement Ceremonies

Conferral dates refer to the date on which the student's degree is posted to their official transcript. Commencement refers to the ceremony at which this accomplishment is celebrated. Each campus holds its own commencement ceremony. Students should check with their advisor regarding dates specific to their campus. Students complete an application for graduation that specifies the timeline for coursework and other sources of credit to be received. Students must meet all noted deadlines to be conferred for a specific date.

A student may participate in a commencement ceremony if they are within eight credits of meeting degree requirements at the time of the ceremony and verified by the University Registrar. No degrees will be conferred until all requirements have been met.

The following indicates the conferral dates based on the term when all required coursework was completed:

Coursework Completed                          Conferral Date

Summer (All Campuses)                         September 30

Fall 1 (APGS Campuses)                         November 30

Fall (OUMW-Ottawa and OUAZ-Surprise)    January 31

Fall 2 (APGS Campuses)                          January 31

Fall 2 (Licensure-seeking students only)    December 31

Spring 1 (APGS Campuses)                    April 15

Spring (OUMW-Ottawa and OUAZ-Surprise) May 31

Spring 2 (APGS Campuses)                      May 31

Early Summer (All Campuses)                  July 31