Residential Life - OUAZ-Surprise

The OUAZ-Surprise campus is a residential campus that requires all full-time students to participate in a University meal plan. A full-time student is also required to reside in University-sponsored housing, provided it is available, unless such student meets one or more of the following criteria:

  • is married;

  • has legal custody of a child who resides with them at least 50% of the time;

  • is a transfer student who has already earned an Associate’s degree, or higher, with a minimum of two years of full-time enrollment beyond high school graduation.

  • has attained a legal age of 22 prior to August 1 for the fall semester or January 1 for the spring semester;

  • has lived in Ottawa University-sponsored housing for 6 or more semesters (Fall or Spring).

Students who for personal reasons desire to reside with a parent/legal guardian may apply for an exception. Such exceptions will be considered for reasons of financial strain, a need to aide in the care of a family member in the house, or other circumstances deemed appropriate by the Dean of Student Affairs in their sole discretion. All requests to live off campus must be submitted as a formal appeal letter to the Office of Student Affairs for consideration by the appropriate deadline. All documentation supporting the reason for the appeal must be submitted with the letter.