Residential Life - OUMW-Ottawa

OUMW-Ottawa is a residential campus where all students are required to live on campus and participate in a University meal plan unless one of the following exceptions applies:

  • Married.

  • Single parent as defined by federal regulations.

  • Is 21 years of age or older by August 31 for fall semester or January 31 for spring semester.

  • Is living with a parent or legal guardian who lives within 60 miles of OUMW-Ottawa. Verification is required. (Note: Institutional aid will be reduced)

  • Is classified as a senior (92 semester credit hours or more) prior to the start of the entering semester and has an approved educational plan for graduation on file in the Registrar's Office at the time of application.

  • Special circumstances. (Note: Institutional aid may be reduced)

All requests to live off campus must be submitted to the Office of Student Affairs for approval by the appropriate deadline.