EGR 20000 STATICS (3)

The study of elementary engineering forces in equilibrium.  Topics include vector notation, forces, moments, equilibrium, free body diagrams, friction, frames, beams, trusses, centroids, and second moments.  Prerequisites:  EGR 10000 Intro to Engineering and MAT 21044 Calculus I.

EGR 20003 CIRCUITS (4)

Course focuses on direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC) circuit analysis using mesh and nodal techniques.  Topics include Resistive, capacitive, inductive and op-amp circuits, Kirchhoff's laws and network theorems, frequency domain and impedance, and sinusoidal steady-state analysis.  Prerequisite: MAT 21044 Calculus I.

EGR 20006 DYNAMICS (3)

Course focuses on the study of elementary engineering kinematics and kinetics.  Topics include rectilinear and curvilinear motion, translation, rotation, relative motion, forces, mass, acceleration, momentum, work,and energy.  Prerequisite: EGR 20000 Statics.


Study of the conservation of energy in open and closed systems. Topics include first and second laws of thermodynamics, thermodynamic properties of gases, vapors, and gas-vapor mixtures, and energy-systems analysis including power cycles, refrigeration cycles, and air-conditioning processes.  Prerequisite:  MAT 21044 Calculus I.