Bridge Options for Graduate Programs at Ottawa University

The Bridge Option represents an opportunity for Ottawa University undergraduates who plan on pursuing a graduate degree at the University the chance for advanced, graduate learning as an undergraduate.  The Bridge Option helps bridge the transfer between the undergraduate and graduate levels.  The programs open to Bridge students will vary depending on when the courses are offered and student readiness.

As a senior in the Bridge Option, students will enroll in up to three graduate-level classes that will count toward the total degree requirements of 120 credit hours for the bachelor's degree and toward the 36 hours required for the graduate program.  A special course number has been assigned to courses in the Bridge Option.  Students will need to understand the requirements for these courses are more rigorous.

Eligible students who meet the following criteria may qualify for Ottawa University's Bridge Option.

  • Junior standing or higher (at least 90 credit hours)

  • A minimum cumulative OU grade point average of 3.0

  • Have earned a minimum of 12 credits in residence at Ottawa University

OU students should talk with their advisor about this opportunity and their qualifications for the Bridge Option in their junior year before degree completion.


The following undergraduate programs currently participate in the OU Bridge Option program:


Human Resources

Leadership and Management

Business Administration - BA - Online

Business Administration - BS



The following graduate programs are available to students through the OU Bridge Option program: 

Master of Accountancy

Master of Arts in Human Resources

Master of Arts in Leadership

Master of Business Administration

Master of Science in Nursing