Education - BA - Kansas

Programs offered for Kansas Licensure

Elementary Education

PreK-12 Education

Secondary Education

The Elementary, PreK-12 Education, and Secondary Education programs are designed to produce teachers who have the knowledge, social competencies, methods, communication skills, and sensitivity to be effective in the school environment. Candidates complete methods courses, professional education courses, field experiences, observations, and clinical experiences.

They develop critical thinking skills through an analysis of educational history, philosophy and psychology, an evaluation of the assessment of learning, and application of classroom management.  They gain awareness of cultural diversity, ethics appropriate teaching dispositions, and the social and political contexts of education.

All education majors must also demonstrate ability in liberal arts areas including mathematics, communication, inquiry, wellness, science, social studies, and the fine arts. The education major is based on state, regional, and national certification criteria and testing competencies. The Ottawa University teacher education programs are state approved in Kansas and the Kansas Unit (Overland Park, Online, and the Residential Campus) is accredited by NCATE/CAEP (The National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education/Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation).

Candidates are encouraged to declare their intent to pursue teacher licensure as part of their program of study during the initial coursework associated with their first course (the first formal course taken by all incoming undergraduate candidates).  During the first education course, the candidate will work in consultation with his/her advisor to put together a program of study that will guide and direct the candidate through the required courses leading to student teaching and licensure.

The Ottawa University teacher education programs are defined in detail in the Ottawa University Teacher Education Handbook according to the agreement between the Kansas State Department of Education and Ottawa University-Kansas.  Programs leading toward teacher licensure must be aligned with content and outcomes as noted in a program of study.  Major/program outcomes are provided to candidates by their academic advisor.

Admission to the Teacher Education Program

Admission and exit requirements for the Teacher Education program may be found on the Undergraduate Admissions page.

Teacher certification/licensure candidates will be responsible for pedagogical knowledge, content knowledge,and clinical practice coursework under the guidance of a program director or designee.  Course needs may vary due to recency, state requirements, and previous degrees.